The Hungry Hungry Hippos

The Hungry Hungry Hippos are four bodies on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums and bass who play a mixture of indie rock, folk and country guitar, with tasteful harmonies, a sense of humor and occasional selections from a secret warehouse of Top-40 80's music covers (is this redundant after "sense of humor"?). Some of the songs are loud, some of them are quiet, some are serious and some more playful, but they are always melodic.

The acoustic guitarist, Eric, played louder guitar with The Hope Bombs, pioneers of geekcore at such sites as the Geekfests, Gilman, Boomerang, Nightbreak and Berkeley Square (may the last two rest in peace) and a number of other sites in the Bay Area and Sacramento area; John played electric guitar for the South Bay alternative rock band Mind Furniture, regular weekend band at the Quarter Note, until they veered too much towards a prog-rock sound and John fled for the Berkeley hills. Kerwin, the drummer, likes fireplaces, Aleve, and moonlit walks on the beach. Chris, the bassist, enjoys giant Spree candies and is perhaps the biggest 80s freak of them all, a truly frightening concept.

The collective Hippo powers manifest themselves in a healthy repertoire of cover songs from the 1960s, '70s, '80s, and beyond. Guess you're just gonna have to take our word for it.

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