Okay, you get bonus points for being so persistent. Hyper-linked periods will never go out of style.

Casa Zimbabwe benefit show.  (benefit for whom, we have no idea. not ours.)
Saturday, November 22, 1997.
Okay, even the memory hurts so I will just throw out fragments much in the spirit of open mic poetry....

Unorganized.  Black light.  Spilled beer.  Stereotypical poetry (for the people) schmucks on open mic, including one idiot in his underwear screaming "Fuck."

A dining common kind of show.  A swimmable pitcher of beer.  Blissed Out, Dead Weight, Samurai, Carolina, Walking on Sunshine, Jenny,  Box/Dog, Hawaii Five-O Suite including No Doubt.  ("I'm just a raver...")

Various requests:  Smells Like Teen Spirit, Freebird, Stairway, Need You Tonight (an anti-tribute to Michael Hutchence).

Sliding drumset!  Clever anagrams!  Near electrocution! Chocolate chips!  And of course, a quick exit.

This account is, fortunately, the only known record of this show.

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